Sinfonia Tessile al Fashion and Textile Museum

“The textile machines are as rhythmic as the fabric they do. To generate the iterated design of fabrics, they sound: a plot repeated but changing, symphony of threads and colors. “ (Pietro Pirelli)

image004Dopo le installazioni di Madrid e di Gallarate, Missoni ha portato la sinfonia tessile di Pietro Pirelli nell’ambito della mostra Missoni Art Colour al Fashion and Textile Museum che si è inaugurata a Londra, mercoledì 4 maggio.

Il lavoro di Pietro Pirelli è stato così presentato alla stampa e al pubblico: Pietro Pirelli, musician, composer and performer, experiments and produces works in which sound, light and movement are the main ingredients determining a total sensory involvement, also using the acoustic potential of polysensorial instruments created by himself.